There Is No Civility, Only Politics


Sith Lord, Emperor Palpatine…er…Pope Benedict XVI has ‘corrected‘ erroneous interpretations of the 1960s reforming Vatican Council. As of now Protestant churches are not really churches and the Orthodox churches are ‘wounded churches’. But he does admit there are elements of truth in the aforementioned churches. The humility!

The new document, issued by the Doctrine of the Faith, which the Pope used to head, reaffirms traditional teaching that the Roman Catholic Church is the only true church…

What puzzles me is the temerity with religious leaders voice opinions these days. As if the two tablets from the mountain weren’t restrictive enough, the man went on to bring forth The Ten Commandments for Driving.

To think…people like these get taken seriously!


PS: The resemblance is uncanny though. Also, for those who didn’t quite catch the reference, the title is a quote by Palpatine from the film. (Click here for audio)


12 Responses to “There Is No Civility, Only Politics”

  1. How dare u mock my religion , my beliefs , my life .. Oh k.. i really couldn’t crack any more crap than that.
    Oh hey and i made a shift to wordpress finally. . Its just my old posts. Havent posted anything. But am working on it

  2. Welcome to the Dark Side, my young Padawan.

  3. Hey.. who u calling a padawan .. u padawan ?

  4. Hehe…you know the funny thing? I never knew Padawan was a young Jedi till you started using it so much. πŸ™‚

  5. 5 bApHoMEt

    @PS: i think that people have stopped taking the papal throne seriously since the death of John Paul II. i have an aunt who is a nun. i remember she used to keep saying the pope said this and the pope said that. i havent heard her utter anything with ‘pope’ in it since senator palpatine took over.

    @Swen: Welcome to the jungle.

  6. @baphomet Um…well…come to think about it…the old pope wasn’t too different either.

    I’m reminded of what Dawkins said about him.

    “[Pope John Paul II] suffered an assassination attempt in Rome, and attributed his survival to intervention by Our Lady of Fatima: ‘A maternal hand guided the bullet’. One cannot help but wonder why she didn’t guide it to miss him altogether. Others might think the team of surgeons who operated on him for six hours deserved at least a share of the credit. But perhaps their hands too were maternally guided. The relevant point is that it wasn’t just Our Lady, who in the Pope’s opinion guided the bullet, but specifically Our Lady of Fatima. Presumably Our Lady of Lourdes, Our Lady of Guadeloupe, Our Lady of Medjugorje, Our Lady of Akita, Our Lady of Zeitoun, Our Lady of Garabandal, and Our Lady of Knock, were busy on other errands at the time.”

  7. 7 bApHoMEt

    @Pres: Our Lady of Fatima. I do not understand the logic behind such an expression either.

  8. @baphomet You’re trying to find logic in religion? 😐

  9. @Presti: I had no idea there was 10 commandment for motoring. I wasn’t even aware the entire list of the original 10 comnnandments. None the less interesting read. So basically what he is saying is that all other churches besides the one he is associated with are kinda down and under but hey they might have something in them coz he sees quite a few people joining the mass? Pathetic!

    @Swen: Welcome to the club my friend

    @Baphomet: I don’t think anyone is taking the papal throne seriously. Like you indicates after the demise of John Paul II things have never been the same.

  10. @Bentley It came a while bk…

    Wonder how much more creepy they’ll get! 10 commandments to follow whilst taking a bath perhaps? I don’t even want to go there….

  11. 11 soorajrox

    ….the only true church….” Good for him he didn’t say “…the only true Christian Church……”, even though I wonder if he meant it that way.

  1. 1 Voizd » The 10 Commandments of Motoring?

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