Melbourne International Film Festival 2007



Ever since I got here, the MIFF 2007 is something I’d been eagerly awaiting and it’s finally here. Owing to time (and financial) constraints, I was able to get passes to only two screenings; but I intend to go for a couple more later on.

Anyway the films I have passes to are:

1. The Hottest State: Ethan Hawke

The mediocre reviews do bother me a bit but I’m fairly certain that I’m going to like this; mostly because it’s a coming of age tale and also because I’d like to think Hawke learned a thing or two from his association with my favorite director, Richard Linklater.

2. Everything’s Gone Green: Douglas Coupland

This Canadian film had caught my fancy back in Hyderabad itself. Also, it’s been favorably compared to another film which happens to be the one film people associate me with.

Reviews to follow.

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3 Responses to “Melbourne International Film Festival 2007”

  1. 1 Rohitx

    Waiting for a reiew of “The Hottest State”..

  2. @Presti: Like rohitx waiting for the review of hottest state.

  3. Hopefully review will be up by tomorrow evening.

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