Thus Spake Daedalus…


A huge chunk of my social life here comprises of the long pointless conversations I have with friends and family back home via the phone and instant messengers. A couple of days back, as The New and Improved Daedalus and I deliberated over one of our favorite topics; existential angst, he said something that both made me roll over in laughter and think. You know you’re in trouble, when Swen makes you think.

…(conversation about how life is far too meaningless and pointless)…

me: So who’s to blame? Friends? Family? Society?  Circumstances?

him: God!

me: Huh?

him: Since he’s taking credit for most things, he can certainly take the blame a few times. And…it doesn’t really hurt anybody! 


3 Responses to “Thus Spake Daedalus…”

  1. 1 Swen

    One of those bogeys(train) which actually had content in them 😉

  2. Hi. How do you get that widget over on the right: Reading, Listening to, Last watched? Thanks.

  3. There’s a widget app for WordPress. That’s what I used.

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