Hyderabad school electrocutes kids and stays smug


This is perhaps the most appalling news I’ve come across in a while.


The shocking fact is that the culprits justify their actions claiming the kids were electrocuted (wtf!) and beaten only to ‘improve’ them. It boggles my mind that even the parents don’t seem to care that much let alone the school authorities. Ironically, the school’s name is Good Shepherd International High School. Some Good Shepherd!


8 Responses to “Hyderabad school electrocutes kids and stays smug”

  1. 1 ruhi

    I fail to understand this kind of ‘punishment’. Teachers in these educational institutions need to grow up and respect students who are coming to schools because they want to learn. They shouldn’t be whipped because that’s not the only way to ‘teach’ them something. I remember being hit on my knuckles in the second grade because the class monitor wrongly accused me of talking. In fact, I had refused to share my painting colors with her and she used her power to my detriment. 😦

  2. @presti: I watched this in the news and it was appalling to say the least that someone would do something as cruel as this.

    @Ruhi: In certain countries they have laws against these kind of things that they kinda do follow. Im not quite sure if they have something on power abuse though

  3. @ruhi This is not punishment to improve anybody. This is a case of depraved individuals lashing out their frustration on children who can’t do anything back. Man! It pisses me so much that these are the SOBs that kids are asked to respect!

    @Bentley Appalling is an understatement!

  4. 4 Ravenent

    @PS: “… these are the SOBs that kids are asked to respect!” Not just respect dude, but actually learn from… How the hell can an impressionable kid learn anything in such a fear-filled environment from a despicable electric wire wielding %#$*@^?

    And they wonder why the drop-out rates are so high in India? What’s even more shocking is that this happened in private and not govt. schools… I mean, I guess I’d deluded myself into thinking that private schools were a wee bit better, but guess I was way off the mark. Guess when the govt. schools shut down, those same apathetic misanthropic a**holes find jobs in the nearest private schools.

    Saddest thing about it all? Outrage is just not enough but I’m not sure anything’s gonna happen to the culprits anytime soon…

  5. @Ravenent Exactly dude…it’s hard not to get worked up about this but like in most cases, not much *can* be done except for punishing these b%$@%s. But then again, I’m sure there is some loophole in our legal system, they can use to their bloody advantage.

    Bullies of today turn out to be teachers of tomorrow. As if things weren’t bad enough with our Education system…

  6. 6 cendrelin

    we spent a a lot of time discussing this in media studies class the other day….i dont kinda think now that teachers should be given much authoirity over kids… the role of teacher is to guide students to knowledge..not to the grave..!! and as in all cases, when authority is misused, it does not deserve the respect it used to get…. considering teh entire edu system in india, is nothing but a big bully making kids learn all kinds of crap so that they can become frustrated people in life who become even bigger bullies……
    bottomline…education needs to be restructured….

  7. @cendrelin Oye! Haven’t heard from you in a while (though i did hear ”about” you πŸ™‚ ).

    And yes, the role of a teacher is overrated.

    ”Those who can’t do teach and those who cant teach, teach PE” πŸ™‚

    That said…I did have a couple of great teachers!

  8. 8 cendrelin

    yeah..college and the edu system is kinda slwoly kiinlin me….

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