Happy I-Day



Happy I-Day rhymes with Yippy Kay Yay. So, I spent the eve of our 60th Independence day watching John McLane kick ass, deliver tongue in cheek one liners, blow up stuff, jump out of speeding cars, pull out (literally) Maggie Q‘s hair and single handedly destroy an F35; all just to protect the rights and liberties of over 360 million Americans, most of whom who still think all Indians can do is answer phone calls and talk funny.

Jai Hind!

Edit: TIME Magazine’s article on India.


9 Responses to “Happy I-Day”

  1. Wish u a very happy Independence Day… gud 2 know dat down under u r over and above drenched in the Tricolors….
    N.B. I know dat u r not very patriotic.. πŸ™‚

  2. @indisch You too man. BTW I am a very patriotic person albeit only on 2 days of the year! πŸ™‚

  3. Uh huh… Sorry 4 dat unpatriotic comment. I just had ur own admission made some months back… Yeah ryt, only 2 days of d year… almost d same here.

  4. Wow, dat kinda rhymes…

  5. I’m not that surprised it rhymes considering your poetic skills! πŸ˜›

  6. 6 Ravenent

    Happy Independence Day to you and every other Indian out there too dude (and there’re quite a few of us, eh!)

    Through a weird series of coincidences I landed up at a school (!) function today morning as judge for a couple of competitions and to generally watch the programme. Man! Those kids (all from junior classes) had certainly worked hard and prepared well for they put in a lot of effort into whatever they did. Must say, just sitting there, it brought memories of school flooding back and for some strange reason I wanted to call up long-lost (ok, not lost) pals as soon as I could get away!

    Sigh… It might be part nostalgia of course, but today made me awfully yearn for those simple and uncomplicated (by today’s standards, didn’t seem like that back then of course!) days… 😦

    There was pure joy on those (as yet) innocent kids’ faces, and each and every one of them was singing the national anthem and various other patriotic songs with such fervour that it kinda brought a lump to my throat. I heard them talking about our freedom struggle and our nation… everything painted with the brush of perfection of course. I know things are in no way perfect and our country (and indeed, the whole world) faces massive challenges… but dude, at what age did we become so cynical? We all want to change things for the better, right? Don’t you think cynicism prevents that ‘cos you’d never tackle anything you know (maybe mistakenly) is bound to fail? Isn’t it better to remain blissfully ignorant of the possibility of failure when it comes to tackling the larger problems (if that’s even possible, else willfully) and actually do something… anything and not be apathetic?

    I’ll probably forget about this tiny blip tomorrow and go on with my life, but maybe this post might serve as a reminder to me (and maybe others) that though childhood is beyond our grasp forever, those feelings of childish enthusiasm, friendship, fun, inquisitiveness, derring-do and general crazy-for-the-sake-of-being-crazy behaviour aren’t and they’re a valuable asset to have in this bleak ‘adult’ world.

    P.S. Damn! Hardly any kite flying at all down South. 😑

  7. @Presti: Good to know you are still under the influence of the tri color even though in a far way land. And having said that i indeed find it amusing that they picture call center folks to be digging noses and talking funny while answering phone calls. Its hilarious i tell you. πŸ™‚

  8. @ravenent Dude you have made me regress (as if our pointless conversations weren’t enough). I remember being a curious and (believe it or not) optimistic little bloke. The years have been unkind though.

    ”… but dude, at what age did we become so cynical? ”

    Does growing up really open your eyes to the ugly realities of lifer do we just get lazy?

    Remember that line from Waking Life? ”What’s the most universal human characteristic? Fear or Laziness?” Did we actually lose hope and get lethargic? Or are we too scared of failure? Moreover, what’s the worst failure can do?

    Ugh…such existential ponderings deserve another post!

    @Bentley the farther away you are from home, the more patriotic you are! πŸ™‚

  9. 9 Ravenent

    Moreover, what’s the worst failure can do?

    Tell that to the guy about to parachute off a plane or bungee off a precipice! πŸ™‚

    BTW, ‘pointless’ conversations? Blasphemer! Begone faithless one down to the depths of Hell, where thou shall spend eternity getting a rump roast and feverishly writing on a dirty blackboard with a really squeaky piece of chalk over and over, “Hell does not exist… this is just not true… the virgins should be coming right about now…”

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