Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammunition!



I can’t contain myself. I’m giggling like a 10 year old. I haven’t been this excited in a while.

For a handful of us back in college, Harold and Kumar go to White Castle was a defining moment in our four years at that godforsaken place. It sort of gained a cult status back then and a few lines from the film gradually went on to be part of our daily diatribe.

Kumar in many ways was the smart and funny slacker we all wanted to be. Add a socially awkward Korean, raunchy jokes, girls, Neil Patric Harris, weed, burgers, bullies and not so subtle social commentary and you had an amazingly funny comedy.

The sequel comes out next year…watch the hilarious trailer here!


19 Responses to “Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammunition!”

  1. 1 Swen

    This ought to be good.

  2. 2 bApHoMEt

    yeeehaaaa…..Praise the gong and pass the weed.

  3. 3 Ravenent

    Bongs, terror alerts on flights… Far out fun for everyone! 😀

    Here’s a quick question for ya – do Bongs use more bongs? Hmm… I wonder…

    Speaking of NPH, Zee Cafe’s showing re-runs of many of the good ol’ shows we grew up with, including Doogie Howser, The Wonder Years, Full House, Ally McBeal and The X-Files.

  4. @Swen We should all watch this together man. All the eXtremes (and wannabes). Sigh.

    @Joe You mean bong right?

    @Ravevnent Um…dude…you’re a Bong aren’t you?

    Anyhoo, I sat and watched X Files a few days back…well…it sure has lost it’s luster after all these years…

  5. 5 bApHoMEt

    @all: my mistake. BONG. i downloaded Season 1 and Season 2 of Wonder Years. Now thats a show that hasn’t lost it’s luster. That Vinnie Cooper…hmmmm…makes me wanna be a paedophile. but then again, thats my residual memory of childhood…cant be paedophilia.

  6. 6 Ravenent

    Ok, all you nerdy fans of classic sitcoms :-), here’s a quick quirky quiz question (howzzat for alliteration?) – Identify the guy shown in the pic:

  7. 7 Ravenent

    Oh-kay… seems WP has major trust issues with the IMG tag so here goes:

  8. @all The answer to the above question: It’s the nerdy kid Paul Joshua, Arnold’s best friend from Wonder Years. He’s all grown up now!

    And…no, I didn’t find that out on my own.

  9. 9 Swen

    k ..i have never seen wonder years…

  10. @swen Aaaaand that’s why you’re a loser!

  11. 11 Swen

    And u are a … Winner??

  12. 12 noconvolutions

    “I can’t contain myself. I’m giggling like a 10 year old. I haven’t been this excited in a while.”
    —-u aaaaaactually never giggled better than a 10 yr old

  13. @Presti/Swen: I remember this 70mm white castle burger freaks. Loved it… I believed i watched it during that 13 movie cinethalon that i did when i came to college to collect em certificates..None the less yeah it was a freaking classic. Can’t wait for the next one.
    Wasn’t there that other Van Wilder crap that was on similar lines.??

  14. 14 Swen

    Van Wilder was definitely NOT amongst the same lines. Though i had fun watching the movie it sure doesn’t compare to HnK go to White Castle.

  15. 15 Swen

    U got a point there.

  16. No posts for sometime… Content commenting on other people’s blogs??

  17. @Indisch will be back man. just been amazingly busy!

  18. Let’s get wasted!! =P! How are you doing aussie mate?

  19. @Guru Oye! Heard you’ve become busy after being a ”phamilee guy” and all! (Sid’s words) 🙂

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