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Zodiac (2007): David Fincher


A masterpiece of mood. The film follows the aftermath of the Zodiac Killings of 1960 in North California and is based on the non fiction book, Zodiac Unmasked by Robert Graysmith (played by Jake Gyllenhall).

Technically outstanding, the film has a unique feel to it, thanks mainly to the fact that David Fincher employed the use of the Thompson Viper Filmstream camera. It was shot entirely in uncompressed digital format, and it shows. Every frame in the film looks polished and just about perfect.

The film is extremely well paced and doesn’t really resort to any gore or blood to induce an interest in the proceedings but sadly this film got lost amidst all those tent pole releases this year. David Fincher is a genius as a director (though he did choose some lousy scripts like Panic Room and The Game) and with this, he solidifies his reputation.


Batman Confidential (Issues #7-9); Lovers and Madmen: Michael Green, Denys Cowan, John Floyd


I had decided to stay off Batman comics for a while ever since the debacle that was/is All Star Batman and Robin the Boy Wonder (Frank Miller/Jim Lee) but this new series seemed too promising considering it was a retelling of the Joker’s origin. The Joker is my favorite Batman villain. The Killing Joke is one of my favorite books. In spite of the over the top antics by the clown prince of crime, I think the Joker is one of the most well thought out characters in the DC universe. Cliches be damned.

Back to the series, so far the issues have been fairly good. The ”re-imagination” goes so far as to give us  an explanation for the Joker’s chelsea grin. The writing is pretty decent and there are even traces of genius in issue number 9. Hopefully, it’ll get better. To me however, art work was the highlight; the penciling is extremely well done giving a gruff look to the characters and their surroundings.

Fingers crossed, hoping that this doesn’t turn out to be another damp squib.



3 Responses to “Another Pop Culture Digest”

  1. @Presti: I did love Zodiac as i gave off this cold dark eerie ghosty vibes at times while maintaining the thrills and shrills of a murder investigation. I loved the portrayals of the murders and was impressed by the actors in general. Overall I loved the movie!

    Oh and surfs up didnt do much for me. Looked like a quick and dirty animation done as soon as Sony found an audience for penguin stories. The jokes were half hearted and the story lacked the punch. A waste of time i say!

  2. 2 soorajrox

    during the movie , I always felt that the soundtrack was good.

  3. 3 Ravenent

    Re. B:C, Diggle and Green are quite good… and the best part is, the story arc you talk about (in progress) ties in neatly with Miller’s Year One. I loved the first arc too, with Luthor portrayed just the right shade of evil.

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