Music Plug: 1234 by Feist


The new Apple iPOD Nano ad (video link) has an extremely catchy tune. After humming it on trains, at work and in the shower, I decided to find out who the artist was.

The track, 1234 is sung by the beautiful Leslie Feist (the video is quite interesting as well) whose album The Reminder is as good and sometimes even better that the infectious track itself. Very light, breezy music with ample strumming.

On a related note, I finally got around to buying a guitar and christened her/it Cecilia.


13 Responses to “Music Plug: 1234 by Feist”

  1. Celia, youre breaking my heart
    Youre shaking my confidence daily
    Oh, cecilia, Im down on my knees
    Im begging you please to come home

    Making love in the afternoon with cecilia
    Up in my bedroom (making love)
    I got up to wash my face
    When I come back to bed
    Someones taken my place


    -Simon and Garfunkel

    How’s Cecilia doing? Say Hello to her. Btw, The Motocycle Diaries is one helluva movie! Please watch “Raise the Red Lantern” if you get an opportunity. You can read the review first to see if you like these kind of movies.

  2. Yes it is *that* Cecilia. πŸ™‚

    Ever since the guitar came, I’ve been making loud unpleasant noises on it.

    I have already added Raise the Red Lantern to my ”to watch” list. It’s hard finding them here…

    I found Krzysztof Kieslowski’s Three Colors trilogy and almost bought it but the 50$ tag put me off!

  3. A person should learn to play one musical instrument at least πŸ™‚

    $50 is too costly..have you tried Ebay?

    Well we don’t find movies such as “Raise the Red Lantern” in the local mom and pop store either. I order everything online on Netflix. Do you have something similar in Australia? Please do a review on it once you get hold of it πŸ™‚

  4. I shall definitely get a hold of Raise the Red Lantern.

    I think there is a Blockbuster online rental here. Have to check it out though.

  5. 5 soorajrox

    wow…a guitar….how are lessons going…

  6. 6 soorajrox

    I liked Blood n Iron, did that story come out on comics first??

  7. @Sooraj well….for now I *am* making noises.

    I dont know about the comic…but the cartoon is surprisingly good. Same voice actors, decent animation and definitely as creepy and smart as the film…well…almost.

  8. @Presti: The song in the nano add sounds way too kiddish to be used as a soundtrack. But then again apple has time and again gone against normal conventions and therefore just maybe this psychedelic tune might just catch on πŸ™‚

  9. Er…it has caught on. Lelsie Feist’s album has been flying off the shelves ever since the ad came out.

    Childish? I disagree.

  10. Personally, I love that song 1 2 3 4. It has some old age feeling about know the Beatles kind of thing.

  11. 11 Swen

    How would u know to comment on childishness. U never crossed it.

  12. @Swen Since your highness is wise beyond years, I shall concede. 😐

  13. 13 Swen

    Respect goes a long way. Seems like u learned one of your lessons pretty well.

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