Superman: Doomsday



There comes a time when even gods must die.

I think I was in the 3rd grade when the front page of Malayala Manorama (yes, that one) carried the news of Superman being killed off in the comics. Years later I read the landmark The Death of Superman, World Without a Superman, and the Return of Superman comic titles and unlike some people I know didn’t get too emotional but still found the story arc very engrossing. Cheesy but engrossing.

Now, the same (more or less) story has been updated for the current generation (considering short attention spans) as an animated film. Superman: Doomsday follows the events leading to the epic battle between the inter galactic destroyer, Doomsday and our boy blue; and the aftermath.

800px-1-on-1.jpg supermandoomsday.jpg
Comic book purists will be distressed to learn that the plot is drastically different from the books; the only similarity being that Superman dies (sort of) and then later, returns. Lex Luthor unwittingly unleashes Doomsday who/what due to the lack of any cognitive function whatsoever runs amok through Metrolopolis leaving scores dead. Superman tries in vain to stop the rampage and gets beaten up like never before. A 15 minute fight sequence leads to the mother of all Coriolis Effects killing both destroyer and savior (again, sort of) in the process. Metropolis mourns. Lois Lane mourns. Martha Kent mourns.

The next act was pretty weak, with Lex Luthor going bizarrely depressed. In a fit of madness, he clones Superman. The new Superman however while retaining all the powers of the original Man of Steel, has a twisted sense of morality. Plot wise, the rest of the film doesn’t live up to the amazing first act but then again I wasn’t totally disappointed.

The animation is outstanding and the fight sequences are breathtaking. However, there is a lot of blood and a number of on screen deaths which elevates the proceedings to a certain extent; it’s not a children’s cartoon anymore. People die; some are crushed to death while others perish in explosions and one particular gentleman’s skull is crushed by Doomsday.

The voice acting is terrific and I was impressed by Adam Baldwin’s portrayal of Superman. My major complaint was/is that the film was too short and that too much was crammed in. But then again, I’m 23 years old and these things shouldn’t matter right? Right?




13 Responses to “Superman: Doomsday”

  1. 1 Swen

    I got to c this. And i definitely will. The question is when.

  2. 2 Swen

    Ah … the i believe post. Had u freaked out there for moment. Didnt i?

  3. @Swen Get a laptop…I’ll burn a few more good ones (as and when I’ll get them) and send it over.

    And yes, I still remember reading that post of yours, bug eyed. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. I remeber listening to Superman’s death on TV. After growing up (???) I was confused confused if I’d heard of Reeves health or this news (still am ๐Ÿ˜ฆ ).

    I followed some links and saw this:
    It was too depressing man. Damn!

  5. 5 robinjives

    guys… i ve gt the download of tis one :).

  6. I saw this one; it failed to impress me. Whenever a movie doesn’t stick to the story line, I get a little impatient…

    I watched Annie Hall yesterday and I was quite disappointed ๐Ÿ˜ฆ I didn’t like it as much as Manhattan. There wasn’t really much to the story except for his Freudian dialogues. I’ll order Hannah and her Sisters and see how it is.

  7. @Robin Since you’re a Marvel fan…you’re probably aware that there were 2 recent animated films called the Ultimates right?

    @Ruhi Wait…so you’ve read the comics? ๐Ÿ˜

    Anyhoo, as for Annie Hall, most people I know rate it a notch higher than Manhattan. Whilst i loved Manhattan more, I really don’t see why you were so disappointed with Annie Hall. Allen basically plays the same character doesn’t he and it has the same charm of Manhattan too…

  8. Yes, I have ๐Ÿ™‚ I have lots of Batmans, Supermans, Spidermans, Tintin, Asterix, Disney stuff, etc.

    I know Annie Hall won lots of Oscars. I was disappointed with Annie Hall because it didn’t live up to my expectations probably. ๐Ÿ™‚ It is a wonderful movie, no doubt about it. But by Woody Allen’s standards…

    Allen basically plays the same character doesnโ€™t he and it has the same charm of Manhattan tooโ€ฆ

    Yes, he does. I liked his direction a lot- the way he talks to the camera and separates the body from the soul, goes back in time and revisits incidents etc. Maybe Manhattan is more likeable for me because of Manhattan!

  9. 9 Ravenent

    Downloaded on 18th. Damn disappointing. Wish I’d never watched it. Such a waste of time.

    1) Ruined the whole seminal storyline. Was so looking forward to watching the whole Reign of the Supermen arc in an updated animated format. They even messed with Doomsday’s origins, with absolutely no mention of his Kryptonian origins or Bertron. The whole Radiant episode on Calaton would have been wonderful to behold as well IMO.

    I hate it when companies running low on innovation and ideas choose to rehash old cherished stories, and then do a real hack-job and ruin it for all the real fans. Seriously, I expected more from Bruce Timm.

    2) What’s with all those lines on Supes’ face? Why in blazes would you want your central larger-than-life superhero to look like an aged Hercules who’s suffering from some sort of super skin rash?

    3) Admittedly Baldwin wasn’t half bad, but Anne Heche? Yuck! She can’t act worth a damn and is vocally uninspiring to boot. Never got into the character and it seemed to be nothing more than a blab, grab and flee job for her. The only reason they took her must have been that she was willing to work for peanuts. I wish she’d spared us all her crazy-a**ed gay-today-straight-tomorrow antics and stuck to playing/being Celestia for the rest of her life.

    4) Oh Jimmy… where art thou? I mean, wtbloodyh? Since when did Superman’s Pal become a whimpering, snivelling mercenary-type snot-nosed moron?

    5) Timm chose to completely ignore an important series like Superman: Day of Doom as well. Ty Duffy’s anguish and hate are a direct result of the very real impact the battle to end all battles had on Metropolis and its hapless citizens.

    Instead we end up with the following bit of atrociously abominable animation: Doomsday angry. Doomsday smash. Superman also smash. Metropolis crumbles. Countless people die. In what can only be stated as a moment of inspired genius, Superman launches Doomy into orbit and… wait for it… brings him crashing back to Earth and Metropolis once again, an event that literally makes Hiroshima and Nagasaki look like a damp Diwali squib by comparison. Couldn’t the resident alien genius have packed the freak off to the moon or something early in the game? Then again, the Metropolis citizenry wouldn’t have had the satisfaction of seeing the big guy get bashed silly and paying the ultimate price for killing off two-thirds of the city, would they?

    Final thoughts? Jurgens et al must be livid at the perversion cooked up by Timm and Co., and if he isn’t, he’s either brain-dead or rolling in so much dough he couldn’t give a rat’s a**.

    Sigh! This is one story that IMO cries out for a sympathetic and knowledgeable director who will make a lavish multi-part production that won’t, for once, involve pandering to the kiddies and the brain-dead by dumbing down what is rightfully considered one of the highlights of comicana. But that’s not gonna happen as long as avaricious suits who’d sell their mommas at the drop of a hat for the proverbial penny rule the roost at the Big Two. ’nuff said. The End.

  10. @Ravenent Holy S#^t! Anyhoo, it is understandable that a comic geek such as yourself found this disappointing (nicely put) but compared to the recent Superman cartoon like Brainiac Attacks, this was very much a cinematic gem. But then again, not without flaws.

    As for the leaps in logic, we’re still talking about guy in red and blue tights. I read the Death of Superman trilogy again last night…some bits were mighty cheesy.

    Animation (save the lines on the face) was far better than some other comic adaptations, perhaps on par with Timm’s Mask of the Phantasm. Remember that one?

  11. 11 Swen

    Wow… that was bigger than the post.
    I havent seen it yet. So will comment later

  12. Comic fetish..somehow i never caught on

  13. 13 Swen

    Its never too late to catch on ๐Ÿ™‚

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