Sanity is Relative


Melbourne like any other place has it’s fair share of weirdos; you have your garden variety mutterers, road side evangelists, doomsday mongers, middle aged Goth fans and drunken hobos. No matter how nonchalant you are to your surroundings, you still end up staring at the half naked, hairy, old man dressed in nothing but knickers singing ”We Are The World”.

As I pondered (yes, I’m known to occasionally ponder) on the kind of life he led, his social circle, the childhood he had, his dreams, ambitions, tastes and general perception of reality, a guy in a pin striped suit gives me a nudge and smirks. Holding a beer can, he exclaims, ”Crazy old f**k huh?

I nod and smile hoping he’ll go away. He then bursts into song, clearly imitating the old man. He must have thought he was being clever, amusing even.

Leaves you wondering…sanity is just a point of view isn’t it?


4 Responses to “Sanity is Relative”

  1. 1 bApHoMEt

    but honestly bro, we are all voyeurs who love watching people destroy themselves. a mad man on the street is awe inspiring till we start feeling guilty about that. and then we feel pity. and then you forget him. and it all comes to that saying – “better him than me”.

    p.s. i was planning to go on a Bob Dylan retrospective bro. I thought I’d start with Highway 69 Revisited. and then i come here and see that u r listening to him already.

  2. Perhaps that explains the popularity of those soapy television serials about feuding mothers and daughter in laws. Deriving a sick sense of satisfaction from somebody else’s misery. And we justify it telling ourselves that it’s just fiction.

    I’m listening to a Dylan compilation. I’d love to listen to individual albums but sadly I can’t find time. As a result I end up listening to Greatest Hits collections…recently even for The Kinks and The Clash.

  3. 3 bApHoMEt

    Waoh! dint think of that. you know, that is insightfull… soaps=voyeurism.

    I have all the time in the world now and havent yet hit upon an album that i would somehow define this phase. i want to be able to look back and say that I found and fell in love with an album. i just downloaded ‘Give Up’ by The Postal Service. maybe this time.

  4. 4 lumeno

    “How can you figure out if you are sane? … Once you begin to question your own sanity, you get trapped in an ever-tighter vortex of self-fulfilling prophecies, though the process is by no means inevitable. Everyone knows that the insane interpret the world via their own peculiarly consistent logic; how can you tell if your own logic is “peculiar’ or not, given that you have only your own logic to judge itself? I don’t see any answer.”

    – from Gödel, Escher, Bach: An Eternal Golden Braid by D. Hofstadter
    (he won a Pulitzer for the book)

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