The Epitome of Hypocrisy


Every time an Indian with a Y chromosome delivers a tirade fueled by patriotism, he is bound to tell you that the Indian culture stands tall amongst all else because of it’s unrivaled respect for women, for the female form, for the working woman, the daughter, the sister, the mother. He will tell you how fortunate a woman in India is for she is not subjected to the evils of an amoral western society. He is the epitome of hypocrisy.

  • Guwahati men strip, beat up women protesters: Local men strip and molest protesting tribal women in broad daylight while the police watch. What is most bothersome is that journalists managed to click photos whilst the atrocity was in progress. Are we so passive? The government feels that a 1 Lakh compensation will make up for the emotional and physical torture these women were put through.
  • An Infosys employee in the US pushes his 23 year old wife out of a moving car for being unable to come up with enough dowry. Apparently, you don’t have to be uneducated to be an imbecile. The news came to light thanks to a Pakistani doctor.
  • 26 year old Ashwini Mohite from Pune gets raped and murdered on her way back from work.

Add to that, a 300% increase in violence against women in Kerala, Taslima Nasreen being harassed for her views and reports that suggest violence against women is at an all time high in Asia.

The blame for these lie not with the victims, like most claim but with a judicial system that unabashedly sides the insecure ego maniacs who perpetrate such acts and let them go away with punishments hardly befitting the crimes. Isn’t it sickening when the moral brigade sticks it’s head out to uphold the culture and tradition of the country while doing nothing to check violence against the fairer sex? Isn’t it high time to stop making lame excuses by blaming films and the media? Is not every woman someone else’s daughter, wife or mother?

(Picture sourced from The Hindu: Online Edition)


6 Responses to “The Epitome of Hypocrisy”

  1. Yes, it’s very disturbing, and at the same time, as you’ve found out by now, there’s sheer unconcern on the government’s part, verging on apathy.

    Media Odins proverbially have one eye open, the other sacrificed for ethics, we’re living in mad times, madder than ever before, and the newer gods are hell-bent on creating ruckus.

  2. 2 bApHoMEt

    I was taken aback by the brutality of the images in the link bro. It’s not just women, how can people treat other humans like that? Will these sonsofbitches ever feel guilty about it?

    @Radicalhypocrite: Profound!

  3. 3 Swen

    I checked out the link to the article and saw the pictures. The first thing that struck me was that the guy on the cycle was smiling. WTF?

    Guilt? not likely …

  4. 4 Ravenent

    Isn’t it sickening when the moral brigade sticks it’s head out to uphold the culture and tradition of the country while doing nothing to check violence against the fairer sex?

    Err, which culture and tradition is that exactly? I’m sick and tired of the Shiv Sainiks, VHP etc. bandying that phrase about time and again and using it as a convenient excuse for doing whatever they please.

    @Swen: Really felt like swinging a bat and wiping that smirk off that guy’s face as well…

    We all smile smugly when we read reports of women being treated atrociously in Islamic nations. As if we’re any better. At most, we’re one tiny step removed from that state, if at all. And it’s not a matter of education etc. Most so-called ‘educated’ men in the metros have appalling attitudes towards women still. Take that Infy dowry harassment case for example. Just the other day I had a lengthy discussion with my team mates re. marriage in general and dowry in particular, since one TM is getting married soon.

    Unbelievably (or maybe not so much), all of them said that dowry was a necessity and had to be taken, if not in cash, then in kind. And the amounts being thrown about were mind-blowing (in the region of 50 lakhs plus!) Now can someone explain to me why it has to be taken? Well, the specious answer I got was that if a boy refuses dowry, his community looks askance at him and thinks he’s ‘defective’ in some way. What a way to justify a social evil! Most Indian men, in fact, keeping in mind social mores nowadays say that they’ll refuse to take any dowry when it’s their turn to get married. But of course when the green stuff is dangled in front of them, why should they refuse, right? Talk about bloody hypocrisy. I somehow felt dirty just talking to them, considering the fact that I had thought of them as a pretty progressive bunch of guys till then. I was also solicitously advised to marry within my own caste and accept dowry in order to enjoy a happily married life. It was really an eye-opener for me as I literally saw their masks of broad-mindedness and progressiveness fall off and their ugly cores get exposed, albeit only for a brief moment before it was hastily pulled on again.

    And they talk about progress and crap like ‘India Shining’. What a bunch of bullsh*t.

    @bApHoMEt: Dude, I know you have your heart in the right place, but I couldn’t help but notice how even you, subconsciously perhaps, use the term ‘sonsofbitches’. Maybe it’s got ingrained and you use it without giving it a second thought, but what makes you believe the mothers of those a**holes are bitches themselves in any way? Seems to me to be a perfect example of how in this male-dominated patriarchal world, we can’t even spout epithets without implying in some macho bullsh*t way that all women are contemptible whores who need to be put in their proper place. Guess even our common Hindi gaalis (not sure of other languages) could do with a healthy dose of gender sensitivity, esp. since they all somehow seem to involve our mothers and sisters getting, well, you know what.

  5. Bold stuff. You might be interested to add a plug for the ongoing Blank Noise Project.

  6. @Shrimpy Thanks…will check it out.

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