‘The Dark Knight’ Trailer



Christopher Nolan’s follow up to the brilliant Batman Begins, The Dark Knight is well over half a year away from hitting the cinemas but the first trailer (apart from the teaser) made it’s way online via one of the zillion viral sites promoting the film. The last time I watched a trailer so many times was over 3 years back when the first film was released.

The rusty brown feel of the first film has been replaced by a metallic blue hue, accentuating the cold and menacing tone what with the nemesis being nothing less that Batman’s biggest foe, The Joker. The trailer does give a little too much away (I would have preferred if they downplayed the Joker a bit before the film came out) and does give far too much importance to the explosions and action scenes but fans will be blown away by Heath Ledger’s performance (from the two minutes we get to see) as The Joker…creepy and throughly maniacal. This could very well be every fan’s ultimate wet dream.

Harvey Dent is conspicuously absent from the trailer as is Cillian Murphy’s Scarecrow…here’s hoping it’s worth the wait. In Nolan we trust.

Go here for the trailer in all it’s glory or feast your eyes on the embedded vid below.


14 Responses to “‘The Dark Knight’ Trailer”

  1. http://www.fyrebug.com/displaygame.php?gameid=687

    WhY sO seRIouS snOwGLobe

    jUSt iN tiME fOr tHE HoliDAyS

  2. I found this out on IMDB. Harvey Dent (Aaron Eckhart) is in the trailer, where we see Rachel and Wayne meet at dinner. Freeze-frame and he’s at the table, sitting down.

    I think Two-Face will not be a big character in this movie. Maybe he’ll lead up to the 3rd movie by having a scene in the end.

  3. @badcastd yep…saw Harvey Dent now! I read somewhere that Joker’s origin is explored in the film…that this is more of a Two Face origin story. Plus…i hope scarecrow gets a way better send off than he got in the previous film.

  4. you are right about the trailer being a a tad bit too Joker-centric. but maybe its because they really expect Ledger’s performance to be one of the big selling factors. and Joker is THE Batman villain.

  5. @baphomet From what I’ve seen, Ledger nails it…here’s hoping there’s a lot more to the film than explosions and action scenes.

  6. dude how’s the BATPOD compared to the BATMOBILE

  7. @rohan Apart from the fact that they seemed to have used the Batpod a bit too much in the trailer, I think it does look pretty cool.

  8. 8 soorajrox

    hmmm…I liked the teaser which just had the bat logo n Alfred speaking better. somehow the smallboy within me(excitment) was not awakened ‘cos of this trailer.

    Maybe…like you mentioned, the Joker was revealed more in this trailer…. I would have rather sticked on to the surprise thing.

    If Nolan fails to impress me this time, then I’ll …ah nothing. I’ ll just wait for another one.

  9. @sooraj I did love the trailer…and I’m totally excited about the flick…but yeah it does seem a wee bit “loud”.

    And yeah, I’m fairly sure Nolan won’t do us wrong. 🙂

  10. You know, I have a theory about viral marketting. They drop massive Bang! Boom! trailers. Then it becomes more refined. The railers that come out as the movie nears releases are pieces of art in themselves. This is just an orgy of explosions and loud dialogues. I’m pretty sure they will release some kick-ass trailers later.

  11. p.s. its not like this movie needs any buzz.

  12. @Baphomet The way I see it, this film does need the marketing. The first film was made on a budget of $150 m plus marketing and raked in a domestic gross of only 200m…the reason was the film didn’t have enough action scenes to sustain viewers…so they make sure this has enough and what better way to reach the masses than through trailers showcasing the same?

  13. It’s looks good for sure.
    I just hope they don’t come up with trailers vis-a-vis the SpiderMan 3 final trailer. It’d the whole movie crammed in two minutes.

  14. @bipin Exactly…I’m still hoping there are actually surprises in the film…like Two Face and scarecrow. 🙂

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