The Fountain of Youth is a Pill


“I am not afraid of death, I just don’t want to be there when it happens.” -Woody Allen

A recent article on Wired points out that Sirtrius Pharmaceuticals treated diabetic mice by slowing their metabolism or simply by slowing down age related cellular breakdown. There have always been an umpteen number of articles on anti aging research in the past thanks to people’s obsession with death and fear of aging.

The drugs apparently work on the Mitochondria which over time accumulate damage and cause cellular breakdown; so Mitochondria rejuvenators (in lab animals) have halted diseases and extended longevity. So you basically reduce suffering before death but in spite of this it’s still known that animals inexplicably drop dead at the end of their traditional lifespans.

No matter how well anti aging drugs work, death still is an inevitability…but what had me really interested was another Wired article that ponders on how anti aging research will change the way we die thereby altering the way we live. Would we live life more fully if we knew that death was an inevitability that came without warning as opposed to long disease ridden miserable lives that preceded death (thanks to medical advances and all which in effect does nothing more than stall)?

The jury is still out but this is all very mighty interesting stuff.


5 Responses to “The Fountain of Youth is a Pill”

  1. I am with Woody Allen on this !

  2. Dude .. ur feeds just has summary 😦 /me likes reading full content from feed readers 😀

  3. Dawkins once made an argument that Atheist live fuller lives because they are more aware of their death, and they know that there is no life after. When you look from that point of view, there can be an interesting argument made about prolonging life.

    A longer life would effectively reduce the ‘value’ of life, because you get too used to it. But an opposite argument can be proposed also. As one gets older, one can appreciate the intricacies and beauty of life better. Thus, prolonging life will lead to people enjoying life more as they near death.

  4. hmm, it’s fascinating from the research and woohoo, we prolonged life pov, but seriously think about it, would we really want to keep living and living?
    Am an optimist and I love life, but then there are times when i do already feel the stresses that come with growing up.

    On the flip side: what is long? That’s pretty subjective imho.

    o btw u in the wp news feeds 🙂

  5. @Xylene When it comes to death, nobody says it like Woody does! 🙂

    @Johnny Experimenting dude…hang in there.

    @Baphomet You know…atheists are existentialists in a way…at least till the beginning of this century, existentialists were thought to be suicidal. Your love for live is directly proportional to circumstances like money, security and relationships…else what exactly do you live for?

    @rads I would want to keep living provided I wouldn’t want for anything…without the basic necessities and the obligatory luxuries, living can be harder than dying can’t it?

    I’m not in the news feeds anymore…my 15 seconds of fame perhaps? 🙂

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