Good sheep. Now roll over and play dead.


The Vatican has outdone itself this time. After the Ten Commandments of Motoring and declaring itself as the one true church, the dark empire has denounced The Golden Compass. For the uninitiated, The Golden Compass is the (children’s) film based on Philip Pullman‘s His Dark Materials books and from the looks of it, the film will lose millions of dollars in revenue thanks to obedient sheep all over the world.

The Vatican on Wednesday condemned the film “The Golden Compass,” which some have called anti-Christian, saying it promotes a cold and hopeless world without God.Reuters

I keep forgetting that in spite of wars, famines, disasters and Uwe Boll, the world is still a warm and fuzzy place. And, out of the thousands of films churned out over the years, it had to be The Golden Compass that promoted such blatant blasphemy.

“In Pullman’s world, hope simply does not exist, because there is no salvation but only personal, individualistic capacity to control the situation and dominate events,” the editorial said.Reuters

Am I the only one who finds irony in the above statement? I’d really like to know what the church has to say about the last time God controlled situations and dominated events. Even the most pessimistic of speculative fiction writers would not have imagined that even in the year 2007, religion would enjoy the freedom to air such tripe and worse still, that there would be enough people to actually enforce it.

Damn global warming and nuclear arms, religion may very well end up being humanity’s undoing.

PS: Piss off the Spaghediety and you’ll be hearing from me.


6 Responses to “Good sheep. Now roll over and play dead.”

  1. If the movie is powerful enough to change the way a God-fearing Christian feels about God (and this being an anti-christian film, the Christian might even become an Atheist), then the Church should do all it can to stop him from going to the film. The flock of God is so gullible that a mere children’s fantasy film will make them lose faith in years of indoctrination that they have had since childhood about a dude who walks on water.

    Seriously, don’t the Christians feel insulted when the Church treats them like retards, telling them what not to watch? Don’t they feel that the Church is questioning their beliefs more than the very thing that the Church is trying to ban? Most of all, is the Christian faith never to be questioned?

    I’d say, let them go for the film. Let their faiths be shaken. And if they come out still believing in God, then their faith is true. Else, he is a feeble minded dude who the Church shouldn’t have with them anyways.

    Then again, the film isnt atheist at all. They’ve supposedly taken every measure to turn off the atheist leaning of the book while making the film. Obviously, they would have anticipated the backlash of the Church before they made it, especially when they approach a work of such atheist leanings. Look at Da vinci code, all that huff and puff for nothing. The film had nothing in it.

    p.s. Bring on Pastafarianism and the Celestial Teapot. 😉

  2. In this day and age, it’s quite ridiculous for the Church to actually point fingers at movies. It’s a form of art and should be treated like that. Religion and films definitely shouldn’t be mixed. Then again, I might not know what they actually mean by “Anti Christian”, but after having a Convent education all my life, I do feel that the Pope is wrong, as usual.

  3. Reminds me of the Yoga episode.
    These steps, as Joe points out, are driving people away from the religion, instead of bringing them closer to the faith.

  4. Please people the Catholic and the Pope are not Christian and don’t speak for us Protestants. ;P you know what bothers me the most is when people talk about Christians they are usually referring to the catholics.

  5. I quoted you on my blog, hope that’s ok. If not, let me know and I’ll put it offline. 🙂

  6. @kalafudra It’s an honor! 😛

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