La Liste ’07


2007 has been a great year for cinema what with a number of films that managed to successfully combine both art house sensibilities and general appeal. Following is a list (in no particular order) of films I loved this last year.

Zodiac: David Fincher


Brilliantly photographed and very atmospheric. David Fincher redeems himself from Panic Room.

Ratatouille: Brad Bird


One of the best animated films ever. Amazing animation and a very very appealing story.

Sunshine: Danny Boyle


This was as close to a science fiction masterpiece as it gets and remains criminally underrated. The film had some brilliant visuals and a plot rife with moral and philosophical dillemas.

The Bourne Ultimatum: Paul Greengrass



Michael Clayton: Tony Gilroy


Tom Wilkinson delivers one of his best performances in this brilliant morality tale. George Clooney plays an ethically conflicted attorney who grapples with truths about the firm he represents.

No Country For Old Men: Ethan Coen


I can’t say I’ve fully understood this film yet but I was blown away by Roger Deakins’s photography which induces a sense of claustrophobia in spite of the barren landscape and Javier Bardem’s chilling portrayal of Anton Chigurh who will go down in history as one of the greatest cinematic villains.

Control: Anton Corbijn


Perfect; the very moving and gut wrenching true story of Ian Curtis who battled epilepsy, rose to rock stardom, eventually gave into the trappings and finally committed suicide at 23. The black and white photography, brilliant soundtrack and wide angle scenes make this far superior to almost every other biopic.

Worthy mentions: Eastern Promises, Stardust, Waitress, Once, The Good Shepherd, Into The Wild

Yet to see: Juno, There Will Be Blood, Gone Baby Gone, I’m Not There


17 Responses to “La Liste ’07”

  1. You have an excellent list bro. And it contains some stuff I’d totally forgotten – Ratatouille, Sunshine, Zodiac, and some stuff that I knew you were gonna put – Michael Clayton, No Country For Old Men.

    p.s. (ahem…ahem…cough…Sweeney Todd)

  2. Nice list! I’m still playing catch up with the old movies though.

  3. @Baphomet The list lacks class bro. 🙂

    Sweeney Todd’s on my to see list too.

    @Ruhi Make no mistake, I watched a lot of older films too. A lot.

  4. Sunshine was really really Good. Haven’t watched others though (apart from the first 5 minutes of Zodiac, and some glimpses of Bourne Ultimatum).

    Hey, did you guys know that Nmap featured in The Bourne Ultimatum 😛
    The other movies in which it’s featured are: Matrix Reloaded, Battle Royale (Japanese), and one more name I am not able to recall now.

  5. @Ruhi: When will your list be up?

    @Bips: Whats an Nmap?

    @Presti: i watched sunshine when i was back in India. And I really didnt warm up to it all that much. Dunno why. I am dying to watch Michael Clayton.

    p.s. your list is classy enough bro. i wouldnt have bothered to comment otherwise. 😉

  6. ummm… nmap is one of the world’s best port scanning (security) tool. 😛

  7. i have seen…Zodiac…Ratatouille..Bourne Ultimatum..and Eastern Promises..all these are awsome

  8. @Bipin Glimpses of Bourne Ultimatum!? Watch the whole thing man…there’s more to it than “NMap”. 😐
    @Baphomet Sunshine …watched it in India too and twice here. It was atmospheric like Alien and had enough pia mater to keep me glued.
    @Rohan I suggest you watch the rest too then…won’t be disappointed.

  9. C’mon… Panic room wasn’t so bad after all, or was it? Nice list though. Have you become too much of a cynic or do the other movies really don’t make the cut?
    Still to watch some of those on this list.

  10. @indisch Hmm…Panic room had nothing going for it save the somewhat stylistic direction. Boggles my mind as to what made David Fincher choose a script like that…this was the same guy who made Fight Club!

    I’m not a cynic…overall I think this year had a lot more good films than the previous. 😐

  11. @Bap- I’ll make a list this weekend. It’s a nice idea…but I’m not sure how many recent movies I’ll be able to list. I have seen more of old stuff this year.

    What about you? You need to make a list too.

  12. @Ruhi: Moi? A Best of 2007 list? Havent really seen much this year to try making a list like that.

  13. Hey, nice list – I added a couple of them that I had missed to my Netflix list, so thanks 😀

    Btw, I see you are now watching Dexter. Cool – I remember exchanging comments about that a couple of months ago.

  14. @BPSK Yep…finally got around to watching Dexter and I loved it. All psyched for the next season now. 🙂

  15. @Presti: There is a bloody reason why Sunshine was ‘under rated’. As far as the concept of the movie is concerned i agree it was as close to science fiction as we got this year perhaps but the story telling was pathetic towards the end of the movie. After watching it i felt incomplete and definitely the movie lacked something in that area.
    There could be some movies that you might not have watched that may stand a fighting chance on this list of yours. “american gangster’, ‘i am legend’ and most definitely ‘charlie wilson’s war” youve gotta see that one at least 🙂

  16. @Bentley Um…story telling? You may want to read up on the ending. I’m assuming you didn’t really get what happened at the end….relativistic effects and all.

    Anyhoo, did watch I Am Legend and didn’t like it all that much…was good just in bits and pieces.

  17. I watched Sunshine… It was well, good but the ending was kind of all rushed up and seemed like a cheesy Bollywood flick. It had almost everything going for it till the twist came in the form of the deranged astronaut. Nice viewing but hardly inspirational.

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