‘Put the bomb in the leather bag’


If there’s one breed of vermin that deserves zero respect/sympathy/empathy, it’s the one that comments without abandon on sites like YouTube and Redditt. Going through some of the comments on YouTube (as entertaining as some of them are) is pretty much all the proof we need for dysgenics. For the average internet junkie, sitting in the confines of his/her room is all the empowerment he/she needs to air his/her retarded views onto an unsuspecting world. Most of the time they end up being just plain ridiculous and sometimes marginally offensive.


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There is a comment that shows up beneath an article on Wired,

I want to destroy young generation of India Delhi is the best place to do bomb blast in SouthDelhi mainly in Mohammad Pur, Nehru place buildings, Vasant vihar flats, RK Puram Lodhi Road, Sarojani Nagar are the best place to do the bomb blast and do lot of casualties. Lot of Colleges are are also the best place to do bomb blast if anyone will do bomb blast here then there are maximum casuilties done and ISI will become happy. I want to Tell that if anyone want to carry bomb laptop leather bag is very good for this.
Put the bomb in the leather bag.

Include punctuations where necessary to make sense of what you just read. How exactly do you react to something like this?

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8 Responses to “‘Put the bomb in the leather bag’”

  1. actually putting the bomb inside blueberry pie works just as well

  2. I believe part of the responsibility lies with owners of the blog/post. If you are running a blog, you should definitely filter out such comments, for your own protection, if not anything else!

  3. OffTopic (I mean Off from your intended topic):
    This guy/lady chose the wrong site to post such a comment.
    Google has a pact with Indian Law enforcement. If they want, which IMHO should be taken seriously, they can get the IP of the system from which this comment was posted.

  4. The guy is clearly mentally unstable. I mean, would you, if u were planing a bomb like this, write something in the public domain about it? It’s just a stunt to gain attention.

    p.s. the comment has been deleted from the page.

  5. you forgot to mention our good old Rediff. I’ve had my best laughs there.

  6. 6 noconvolutions

    me just realised what crap me writes!

  7. Prestid – interesting post.

    I read the links you provided as well. The mediavorous link left me scratching my head – “Social technologies like YouTube have the potential to reinvest eventness into otherwise uneventful digital culture.” – huh?

    The Andrew Chen link was more interesting, but ultimately talks more about Facebook and public/private spaces, and how best to use them.

    I have two thoughts that came to mind, reading the comment from that idiot you have in your post:
    1. This guy is one of those guys that likes to curse in polite company, just to get a kick out of making people uncomfortable, angry or both. Sort of a pseudo-Tourette’s, if you will. 😉
    2. A more sinister explanation (my paranoid left brain talking here), is that these comment secions could be today’s equivalent of the personals columns. Remember the old spy novels, and how spies and their handlers would leave each other messages in the personals section of the Times or other newspapers? Well, these days, it would far more efficient to use the comments section of YouTube. 😛

  8. @BPSK I shudder to think what kind of a person would have the temerity to write a comment like that. Plus at what point do you start taking comments like that seriously?

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