Cloverfield: Matt Reeves (2008)


 cloverfield.jpg 18-01-08_1958.jpg 

Don’t believe the hype. Cloverfield is a terrible, nauseating and utterly pointless piece of cinema catering mostly to today’s attention deficit generation. No matter what they tell you, the camera work is not clever, it’s maddening.

Now that’s out of the way, it does have a couple of redeeming qualities (none of which redeem the film as a whole); the set design is tremendous, the ‘monster‘ itself is like nothing we’ve seen before and the theme that plays through the closing credits is brilliant. That’s about it.


16 dollars down the drain. Frick!


5 Responses to “Cloverfield: Matt Reeves (2008)”

  1. The story line is so cliched…what else can be expected? I give it 0/10 even without watching it.

  2. I haven’t seen it but it reminds me a little of “Blairwitch Project” with its marketing and the handheld camera thing. And the camera work in Blairwitch made me seasick. So I guess, I won’t be seeing this film (except maybe if I took some pills against travel sickness before).

  3. @ruhi Here’s the thing…I like monster movies. There was a very entertaining 2006 monster film called The Host. Loved it. This one…the camera…really really turned me off. I actually closed my eyes in between to orient myself.

    @kalafudra Well…this is a tad better than BWP. The shaky camera was incredibly overdone…maybe it’ll be better on DVD. Maybe not. Maybe it really does suck.

  4. Damn bro! and here i was all excited at the prospect of seeing the film in the theatre. Thanks for the heads up. But i will still be seeing it in the theatre man. All those months of marketting has left me severely curious.

  1. 1 cloverfield

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