The Pacific: Set Visit (sort of)


Paranoid as I am, the first few thoughts that rushed through my head after seeing the cordoned off street opposite to the apartment complex I stay in were terrorists, dirty bombs and Britney Spears.

Flinders St is actually being used as a filming backdrop for the upcoming Steven Spielberg/Tom Hanks produced WW II mini series, The Pacific (a sequel of sorts to Band of Brothers). Needless to say I couldn’t contain my excitement. I was secretly hoping that The Pacific was just a working title for the new Indiana Jones film (Indian Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull), but it turned out that The Pacific was actually just, The Pacific. As if it weren’t enough to block traffic to and from one of the busiest streets in Melbourne for 35 hours, they covered up the entire shooting area with…well…giant black drapes.

Hoping to catch a glimpse of the bearded sensei, I rushed home to get my camera; but nada.


After close to 45 minutes of sighing and dodging pangs of envy, I returned to my dreary existence.


Link: Steven Spielberg movie chaos in city (Herald Sun)


13 Responses to “The Pacific: Set Visit (sort of)”

  1. Dude, how come the snaps aren’t shown on the site? So what’s the poa? Are u gonna ask SS for a job interview? ;-)!!

  2. You lucky bastard you! I would’ve expected more drive from a cinephile like you. I thought you would have done everything possible to get a glimpse of the bearded sensei. tsk tsk.

  3. Off-topic – looks like you saw Persepolis. What did you think?

  4. @Guru I would have had asked him for a job interview dude but visa problems and all…why complicate things right? Photos should work now….

    @Baph Um…once they covered the place with those giant drapes…nothing was visible. Nothing. Turns out it’s a punishable offense to walk onto a film set. Who knew.

    @BPSK Ah…loved Persepolis…it was a far greater film than I thought it’d be. Moving, thought provoking and very entertaining even. You should check it out…

  5. Photos still not working =(!

  6. @Guru Tried fixing it…dunno…works fine at my end. Hmmm…

  7. Still more exciting than what happens in Vienna (= nothing).

  8. @kalafudra You’re kidding me right? Isn’t Vienna supposed to be a really beautiful place and all? Boredom in paradise?

  9. 9 soorajrox

    so u saw persepolis. One of my friend bought that graphic novel. guess I’ll read that, don’t think the movie is gonna come here.

    Got Gone baby gone, When the devil…, There will be blood, Bucket List, I’m not there(yes!!) Rocket Science and some more …on DVD, but got no player. 😦

    atleast I got all of em.
    Still have to get No country.. and Sweeney Todd.

  10. @soorajrox Ooooh…that’s quite a handful of films you have there. I’ve decided to take it slow. ‘There Will Be Blood’ will be my last film for the next two weeks. Promise.

    No, really.

  11. Nice to c a linux badge on ur blog !! (we r winning ! 😉 )

  12. @Johnny Yes ‘we’ are winning. Muhahahaha.

  13. Vienna is beautiful but when you live there, you get used to the beauty and from time to time you want something to happen. And for a movie-addict like me it should be movie related. The last big thing that happened was a visit from Brangelina, one or two years ago, which I don’t really care about. So, long story short: yep, boredom in paradise.

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