‘Wait’ no more.


This Valentine’s Day, the Law Commission of India is thinking of all you hormonal, barely out of school, socially challenged 18 year old boys. As if board exams and sparse facial hair weren’t problems enough, the government of India may very well grant you the right to finally propose to that girl you’ve had your eyes on.


”There is no rational, scientific basis to why boys who may vote or take other decisions after 18 must wait to be 21 to marry,” commission member Kirti Singh told UNI.

So rejoice all ye who have been waiting to turn 21. Women however have it tougher; the age of consent is now 16 instead of 15.

How does the Law Commission decide on what laws to change? Aren’t there more important amendments to be made like, say, I don’t know…banning urban ‘gunda’-ism?


10 Responses to “‘Wait’ no more.”

  1. Laws are weird.
    Although I do think that age of consent etc. are very important things to keep modern and therefore change it once in a while [although changing them doesn’t necessarily make them better], there definitely are other things worthy of attention in every legal system…

  2. This is the law of inverse relevance. The less important an issue is, the more people, especially politicians, will talk about it. The entire administrative system is preoccupied with the great burden of what boys and girls do in their spare time. Remember those cases of policemen arresting couples for sitting in parks and cuddling?

  3. bro, are live-in relationships illegal in india? shouldnt that be made legal first. who wants to get married anyways?

  4. @kalafudra Calls to mind a Jimmy Carr joke, “The age of consent in Mexico is 12. That’s one way to deal with the pedophilia problem isn’t it?” πŸ™‚

    @Narendra Yeah…that was Meerut. Some of the couples ‘caught’ were actually married even. Moral police my a**.

    @Baphomet You know…I’m not sure if it’s illegal or not…but a couple can’t rent an apartment in Hyderabad and Bangalore if they’re not married.

    Swen and me had a hard time. πŸ™‚

  5. Were there morchas on the street by adolescent boys asking for this law change? Not sure what motivated them to act.

    The same article also claims β€œthe proportion of people whose community still practices child marriage is 77.2 percent in Madhya Pradesh, followed by Rajasthan (41 percent) and Uttar Pradesh (10 percent)” – which is either a typo or just incorrect.

  6. @bap- Live in relationships are not illegal. But society doesn’t want to have anything to do with such ‘immoral’ people.

  7. 7 jinx

    oh so the miserable janta was actually following law all these years

  8. 8 Swen

    Why ? Why ? Why ?

    It will take a while for that.

  9. 9 Ravenent

    Swen and me had a hard time. πŸ™‚

    @Presti: Why ? Why ? Why ?

    LOL! πŸ˜€ Hmm… I wonder why that juicy tidbit about you two does not surprise me one bit? πŸ˜›

  10. @ All: Guys, the Supreme court has officially made a ruling that “serious” live-in relationships (something to do with a period) is officially considered equivalent to marriage. IOW, India will soon have 3 options in “status” columns :P!

    “Single”, “Married” and “Partnered” :)!

    So, I would say that live-in is very much legal in India and is on the rise :)!

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