Battlestar Galactica


Television shows are a lot like relationships; you can usually figure out if it’s going anywhere from the first two days/episodes after which it’s all about commitment. Terrible metaphors aside, I find it hard to believe how much Battlestar Galactica has grown on me over the last couple of months. Science Fiction is a genre that has been done to death on TV and then some, but rarely has a show attempted what Battlestar Galactica has. While finding it’s bearings in a kind of pseudo present day society, it still manages to enthrall as a space opera with dogfights and exploding spaceships aplenty minus kitschy overdressed aliens.


BSG is set in a time line nobody is quite sure of (though there are chances this ambiguity may be intentional) and in a universe that may or may not be our own. Cylons are a breed of intelligent cyborgs created by humans who turn on their masters due to… well, religious differences. The Cylons are steadfast believers in a monotheistic God with scary resemblances to the Judeo-Christian version of a loving and benevolent creator. One thing leads to another and the human colonies are destroyed by the Cylons leaving 50,000 odd survivors adrift in space on a fleet of ships led by a single military ship, the Battlestar Galactica. Also, the Cylons can apparently take the shape of humans with the obligatory blonde bombshell thrown in solely for the purpose of satisfying legions of male fans with no social lives to speak of, yours truly included.

What’s different about BSG is that it takes shots at topics straight from today’s headlines; terrorism, suicide bombings, fundamentalism, religion and politics and is far superior to the mindless drivel that crowds the screens these days. The character arcs and plot twists rival those of most other contemporary series although it does seem at times that the writers are working on the story as they go; which I sincerely hope isn’t true. This is the kind of show that needs a grand finale and a much bigger audience.



9 Responses to “Battlestar Galactica”

  1. 1 Anil

    Ah, my favorite TV series ever coming from someone who was never big on TV. The level of verisimilitude the show achieves is amazing. If the producers are to be believed the show will apparently go out with a big pre-planned bang with the fourth and final season that start in April.

  2. I’ve heard only good things about BSG. Maybe I’ll shed my automatic defenses against space operas and give it a try.

  3. I agree with you totally on BSG bro. It is my favorite Sci-Fi of all time. And I am eagerly awaiting its final season, lapping up every bit of news or video on the net as I wait. I wonder how it will end.

  4. @Anil Ah yes, I hope the finale patches up a few existing plot holes though. When a show takes itself as seriously as BSG does, it can’t afford to be sloppy can it? 🙂

    @kalafudra If it’s any consolation, I hate space operas too but this one works on so many levels.

    @baph I’m amazed you love the show too…would have never imagined. I guess we’re not so different, you and I…

  5. Hey, d foto has an eerie resemblance 2 The Last Supper…. Or am I imagining too much??

  6. @indisch: if you are imagining too much, then so am I (which is, I have to admit, entirely possible…)

  7. @indisch and kalafudra Um…nope…you guys are right, it *is* a re imagining of the Last Supper. Publicity shot for the final season.

  8. @ presti: woohoo! sanity safed for yet anoter day!

  9. @Prestidigitator: “Same pinch, no back pinch.”

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