Why is it that you always want what you can’t have?

Damn you Jagger.


5 Responses to “–”

  1. 1 rads

    Coz we’re all masochists at heart? ;-))

  2. 2 Charl

    Rads has it right. But then what could you possibly want that bad that you can’t have? The way I see it, you can make the wanting stop if you choose to. Or you could set about getting it, if you choose.

    Come now, stop being a drama queen, Pres 🙂

  3. Because otherwise, I cant get no satisfaction.

    P.S. I see that you have recently watched Cinema Paradiso. Is it Nuovo Cinema Paradiso?
    Man, that montage of kissing scenes in the end made me cry like a baby. Remember that scene when Toto is projecting films near the waterfront, and after a long wait, Elena comes and kisses him in the rain? And that scene when Alfredo projects the film outside the theatre onto a wall in the square. Man, so many unforgettable scenes. I love this film so much.

  4. 4 Sukhi

    whats the point of wanting something you can easily have – where’s the challenge, the thrill? 😛

  5. @rads Masochism is too strong a word. I was thinking more on the lines of ‘childishness’. 🙂

    @Charl I’m no drama queen; plus if it really was that easy, I would have gone out of my way and gotten it. It isn’t.

    @Baphomet ah…nice reference. 😉

    You know after you mentioned how awesome the kiss in My Blueberry Nights was..I really did notice the kiss in the rain from Cinema Paradiso. Very…epic.

    Great great film too.

    @sukhi Um yes…being challenging and being impossible are altogether different. 🙂

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