“The land of Mahatma Gandhi has been bloodied by terrorists whom we shall not spare; Terrorists are waging a war against India. We should be prepared for a long battle against terrorism.”

Narendra Modi in response to the recent Bangalore and Ahmedabad blasts


4 Responses to “[sic]”

  1. 1 bpsk

    Very definition of irony, isn’t it?

  2. Terrorism and the British raj are completely different. You cannot reason with terrorists or appeal to their humanity. Gandhi’s non-violence is not going to work with mindless killers without a conscience. So, is Modi’s contradictory quote without value?

    @BPSK: Ironic, yes. But isn’t it time India took a more bolder stance against terrorists?

  3. 3 rads

    well, not really comfortable getting into Modi’s line, but yea Baph’s right. Gandhi’s non-violence wouldn’t work, but the stance should. My 2 cents.

  4. 4 ramblingperfectionist

    “mindless killers without a conscience”? Strong words for people you know nothing about. And no, the fact that they kill people isn’t enough. It only qualifies one part of your statement. While I have no intention of empathizing or sympathizing with terrorists, I will at least admit that there are a whole host of fixable socio-economic (slash religious, but I suppose most people wouldn’t accept a “fix” for that) reasons that they are the way they are, and not blame it on some intrinsic programming defect that left them without a mind or a conscience.

    Fine, take a strong stand. Beef up security. We could certainly use it, in the wake of recent events. But know that curing a disease by treating the symptoms is always only partially successful, at best.

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