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Having watched quite a few Kiarostami films, I ended up going for  Correspondences. It’s one of those exhibitions wherein audio-visual elements take center stage as museum installations; an experience that sometimes turns out to be grating and very very confusing (case in point being ‘replay christian marclay‘ a couple of months back). However, Correspondences was […]

Happy Hours


You spend enough time with people and you realize that it’s always tempting to reduce them to cultural stereotypes; the proverbial clown car so to speak.  It would have been depressing if it weren’t so much fun. So yes, I spend happy hours after work with this rather colorful group – a group I’ve grown […]



Awkward glances and smiles did little to alleviate the screaming silence. She just stared at the outside world through the grimy window pane. I noticed her break into a smile now and then; memories I had no place in. I breathed in every single detail – the braided hair, the mole on her chin, the […]

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