Being queer in India


There’s a series of brilliant articles on CNN IBN about being gay in India.

Just so you know, the Indian equivalent of Proposition 8 in America is Section 377.


4 Responses to “Being queer in India”

  1. Interesting stuff, thanks for posting!

  2. 2 ramblingperfectionist

    ..which, at least, will be abolished soon enough. Not that it’s saying much. How long do you think it’ll take before people even begin talking about gay marriage?

  3. Doesn’t the Kamasutra have sections dedicated to same-sex coitus? Didn’t the ladies in the harems of ancient Indian kings spend hours pleasuring each other?

    p.s. Section 377 goes against the very culture that the Indian moral police tries to uphold. (But then again, they have selectively, retroactively, modified a large chunk of Indian history.)

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