Slumdog Millionaire: Danny Boyle (2008)



The concept of destiny irks me; that way, I buy into Dostoevsky’s morbid world view. But Danny Boyle (28 Days Later, Millions) has intricately woven magic realism into a modern day fable about survival and love; a film set at the center of India’s commercial hub.

Reaction to this film has been intriguing. Critics seem to be spellbound by the rather straightforward screenplay. The film would have never worked weren’t it for Danny Boyle (and his Indian counterpart, Loveleen Tandan). For one, Boyle infuses the proceedings with an overdose of realism; so much that you can almost smell what goes on. On the other hand, he romanticizes the aspirations of the protagonist. Jamal Malik, cares more for his long-lost sweetheart than the 2 Crore (20 Million in the film) Rupees at stake.

Remarkably, the use of HD (SI-2K Mini Digital Cinema Camera) gives a vibrancy and immediacy to the otherwise appalling backdrop. Boyle employs the frantic pace that he used so well in Trainspotting and achieves a structure that few Indian filmmakers have been capable of. Danny Boyle, much like Richard Linklater belongs to a rare breed of filmmakers – those capable of telling a story both empathetically as well as intellectually.

There is so much to say about the film- the characters, the score, some brilliant sequences; but I shall refrain at the risk of coming across as vapid and dense. To the discerning viewer, there are plenty of flaws but the audience at a limited screening I watched this film with burst into applause towards the end. The film is life-affirming without being overly sentimental, escapist without being ridiculous and most importantly, bloody entertaining. Reminded me why I love cinema so much.



6 Responses to “Slumdog Millionaire: Danny Boyle (2008)”

  1. Hmm… I eagerly waiting to watch this one :)!

  2. Saw this two days back and loved it. It’s running to packed houses here.

  3. Looking forward to this one, too. But probably won’t be out in Austria until March. đŸ˜¦

  4. Spot on Review bro! I loved the film. The scenes at the Taj Mahal where he acts like tour guide were friggin’ funny.

  5. 5 Ravenent

    Overhyped… Certainly not worth 9/10 IMO. 7.5 or 8 tops…

  6. 6 Ravenent

    Overhyped. Certainly not worth 9/10 IMO. 7.5 or 8 tops…

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