Seeing that 2008 wasn’t an especially good year (what with the economic crisis adding to my perpetual existential crisis), new year celebrations were a relatively sober affair. Relatively.

If the experts are to be believed, 2009 promises to be a shittier year and that’s saying a lot. Ah well, here’s to us. May we have the tenacity to see through these trying times.

What was it that Neitzche said about things that don’t kill you?


2 Responses to “Hic.”

  1. things that don’t kill you… only makes you stranger. tsk tsk Presti, pessimism doesn’t suit you.

  2. 2 ArtyP

    dont tell me you had absolutely nothing to be thankful for. you and i both know thats bull. missed out on the new year party at fed square but g and i did drink to your health. see you soon pee. 🙂

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