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Every time an Indian with a Y chromosome delivers a tirade fueled by patriotism, he is bound to tell you that the Indian culture stands tall amongst all else because of it’s unrivaled respect for women, for the female form, for the working woman, the daughter, the sister, the mother. He will tell you how […]

If you’ve been following the news lately, you’re probably aware of the uproar over the Sethusamudram Project and the subsequent fallout. For the uninitiated, the project aims to create a shipping canal between India and Srilanka through the island chain called Rama’s Bridge (Adam’s Bridge to the angrezis). Dig canal-connect countries. Fairly simple isn’t it? […]

This is perhaps the most appalling news I’ve come across in a while. The shocking fact is that the culprits justify their actions claiming the kids were electrocuted (wtf!) and beaten only to ‘improve’ them. It boggles my mind that even the parents don’t seem to care that much let alone the school authorities. […]

Recently, I happened to attend one of those social situations where a lot of Non Resident Indians (mostly students) gather to feign love for their country, speak in put on Australian accents and dress up in clothes one just can’t wear on the street in Melbourne. As if jumping to loud thumping Bhangra music wasn’t […] Apparently, Pratibha Patil is touted to be the next Indian President. I’ve been away from Indian news for little over a week and out of nowhere comes a new candidate. I agree it’s a nice change from listening to people go on about how Kalam was a great president and how he should return […]

  Anybody could use a little extra money. That’s what this friend said when he came up to me with a proposal regarding Amway. I’d heard a lot about it (mostly just allegations of it being a cult, blah blah) and I had assumed it to be just a glorified pyramid scheme. So I sat and listened […]

Black Friday

24Apr07 Anurag Kashyap‘s Black Friday is a commendable achievment. The film, an introspection on the 1993 Bombay blasts which left around 300 dead is as unbiased as one can get. Reviewed rapturously well at various international frestivals, this was something I’d been looking forward to for sometime. The film was completed in 2004 and premiered […]