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The Mist


One of the perks of having your office on the 41st floor is the view. Not. Advertisements

  Anybody could use a little extra money. That’s what this friend said when he came up to me with a proposal regarding Amway. I’d heard a lot about it (mostly just allegations of it being a cult, blah blah) and I had assumed it to be just a glorified pyramid scheme. So I sat and listened […]

Normally, I’m the kind of person who’s not very fond of (or good at) confrontations. I try to avoid it when I can and sometimes even when I shouldn’t. But, over the last 1 week, my net connection at home has been down and the asses at Sify Broadband have taken their own sweet time to […]

What exactly are these so called ‘Moral Values’ that so many self righteous pretentious hypocrites of our country keep touting? Really? This is a long due post. It will not  arrive at any conclusions and it will not do anything about the ‘situation at hand’. Like most passive youngsters (!), I cannot do anything about […]

I came across this site, Global Richlist and was ‘pleasantly‘ surprised to find that, inspite of my pathetic and meagre earnigs I’m actually the 850,643,176 th richest person on the planet. Apparently, I’m in the top 14.17%…in terms of annual income. Sigh…just hope all this new found wealth doesn’t go to my head! Not!  😐

Switchfoot is NOT one of my favorite bands but somehow I’m buying into their uplifting, sentimental stuff of late. Then again, it could be a good thing. This is one of their better songs…at least one of the songs I like better. We Are Crooked souls trying to stay up straight Dry eyes in the pouring […]


At the beep please leave your name, number and a brief justification for the ontological necessity of modern man’s existential dilemma and we’ll get back to you.                                      -Troy Dyer; Reality Bites