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Like most people, I thoroughly enjoyed Jon Stewart‘s drawing and quartering of Jim Cramer on The Daily Show last week. It tells you something about the cultural zeitgeist when a television comedian is the one who ends up taking the mantle of journalism. The episode, despite being immensely uncomfortable to watch, was catharsis in many […]

Wonderful little video/track by Oren Lavie.  Tip of the hat to The Mute Oracle.

Talk about religion and you’re bound to get me all worked up; not that I don’t appreciate a good argument, just that a good argument is non existent when it comes to backing faith or the the existence of an omniscient and benevolent creator who has time to answer your petty prayers but blithely ignores starving children in […]

Despite being mathematically challenged, I’ve always been quite the (amateur) astronomy/astrophysics enthusiast. So imagine my curiosity with all the hype surrounding Microsoft’s upcoming initiative, the WorldWide Telescope. But having recently moved to Linux, I had to find open source alternatives. And, I’ve found (ok, so finding in this day and age is a tad bit […]

Paranoid as I am, the first few thoughts that rushed through my head after seeing the cordoned off street opposite to the apartment complex I stay in were terrorists, dirty bombs and Britney Spears. Flinders St is actually being used as a filming backdrop for the upcoming Steven Spielberg/Tom Hanks produced WW II mini series, […]

“I am not afraid of death, I just don’t want to be there when it happens.” -Woody Allen A recent article on Wired points out that Sirtrius Pharmaceuticals treated diabetic mice by slowing their metabolism or simply by slowing down age related cellular breakdown. There have always been an umpteen number of articles on anti […]

Flock on!


Now that it’s out of the beta phase, I got myself to try out Flock 1.0. I am blown away, so much that I think I’ll be sticking with it. Flock takes away the pain of searching for all those extensions you need for Firefox or even IE and simply integrates them into the UI […]