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Earth V2.0


  Alright, so of the 200 odd ‘planets’ discovered over the years, one could actually be inhabitable. GL 581C (weird name, yes), just outside our solar system apparently has conditions that can support life. It’s pretty amazing. But here’s the problem; it’s 20.5 light years away which means that if you actually manage to travel […]



Disclaimer: Extremely unorganised thought process at work.  Last evening, Johnny and I decided to catch the animated remake of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Sitting in the cinema hall, we realised that out of the 20 odd people who actually turned up, we were pretty much the only 2 guys over 12. We were the only […]



Disclaimer: FICTION!  I walked out for a cup of coffee. Honestly, I’ve never felt the effects of caffeine but I was sickeningly addicted to it. Maybe that was the effect. Addiction.  I guess I took it because it was the only drug that was both legal and affordable. I waited for the last drip to […]

Lucidity 101


As it is I’ve been sleep walking through most of my  life for the last week, so I thought I might as well post on Lucid Dreaming. First off, Lucidity or Lucid Dreaming is NOT a pseudo science and it does not have anything to do with mysticism, black magic or religion. It’s classified under […]

 Sometime back I wrote a post on things I want to do before turning 30  and from the looks of it I don’t think I’m really going to accomplish much. It suddenly hit me on the bus this afternoon that I’ll never be able to relive all this again. Time’s flying and life is far too […]

my reveries


“Each image in a dream evokes uninhibited emotion, be it joy or fear; there is absolute belief. What amazes is the juxtaposition of the strikingly dissimilar: for in thought, linear sequence implies causation. At times, latter events in the dream find unqualified validation in the former. At other times, preceding events are entirely forgotten and […]