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Recently, I happened to attend one of those social situations where a lot of Non Resident Indians (mostly students) gather to feign love for their country, speak in put on Australian accents and dress up in clothes one just can’t wear on the street in Melbourne. As if jumping to loud thumping Bhangra music wasn’t […]

What do you do when you’re in a foreign country and it’s too cold to go out sightseeing or too new to hang out with friends? You do what everyone else would do. Huddle up under a blanket, have milk and a peanut butter sandwich and watch the amazing Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast At Tiffany’s. […]

As it is, I’m not too big on flying…so a 13 hour flight (with a stop at Bangkok) can get a bit unnerving. But what if matters take a turn for the worse? First, I had difficulty clearing my bags from Bangalore (too heavy they said) and then it turns out that one of my […]

Call me pretentious but I consider myself a slightly more serious appreciator of cinema than the average film viewer. Over the years my tastes have refined (from Armageddon to Y Tu Mama Tambien) and I get most films, mostly because I admire the film making process and consider it a difficult art to master let […]

What exactly are these so called ‘Moral Values’ that so many self righteous pretentious hypocrites of our country keep touting? Really? This is a long due post. It will not  arrive at any conclusions and it will not do anything about the ‘situation at hand’. Like most passive youngsters (!), I cannot do anything about […]

Disclaimer: The author wishes to state that the following pointless rant (as always) is the fault of  Andhra Pradesh Road Transport Corporation (APSRTC) who in their great wisdom gave him the last seat on the bus from Hyderabad to Bangalore as a result of which the author was unable to get any sleep. To add to his […]

Every morning, I wake up with that sinking feeling deep down that I’m growing up, and I hate it. Going to work makes it all the more worse…you’re actually expected to earn a living! Ugh! So when things look as bleak, who do you count on? You count on Swen George Nanakkal! Some things just […]