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Since hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, I’ve decided to take the safe route and respond to Ruhi’s tag. This was harder than I thought it would be; so here are 8 random facts about The Prestidigitator. 1. He switches off his laptop once in two weeks for about an hour; he goes […]

It’s been two weeks since I came across this film and I still can’t get over the initial sense of exhilaration that followed my first viewing of what will most likely go down in history as a cult film. The film piqued my interest only because of the name Jerome Bixby attached to the title. […]

A couple of nights back, after watching Sideways for the millionth time, I decided to buy a bottle of wine. My knowledge of alcoholic beverages is the bare minimum but I must say I’d always considered wines to be marginally more elegant than gin, whiskey, beer and the likes and hence had once made an […]

It’s amazing how much of a couch potato I’ve become over the last five months; so much that I actually spend most of my waking life perched (for want of a better word) on the couch with my eyes glued to the computer or television or in rare cases, a book. I try justifying the […]

To fuel my current fascination for all things medical, I’ve been on a House marathon of sorts. In less than a week, I’ve managed to watch over 35 episodes of the 45 minute medical drama. Sure most of the jargon manages to fly by but I’ve come to a point where I can tell the […]

Yale: I mean we’re just people. We’re just human beings, you know? You think you’re God. Isaac Davis: I… I gotta model myself after someone. -Manhattan ( 1979,Woody Allen) Ever since I can remember, I’ve never been satisfied with who I was. I’ve always pretended to be somebody with quirky tastes and admirable eccentricities. But […]

I constantly keep track of my site stats, mostly just to feed my bloated ego but there are times I’m curious to find what people actually read here. Somehow my post on 300 shows up whenever people search for naked men. I will not comment on that but today someone searched for ”malayalee moron” and […]