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MIFF 2008


It’s that time of the year again. The Melbourne International Film Festival is back with a lot less fanfare than last year and unlike last year (when I was broke busy), I plan on catching more films. Two films I’m really looking forward to are the indie sensation ‘In Search of a Midnight Kiss‘ and […] It’s like one day you have a decent set of friends and suddenly they all get exec jobs, get married, have kids and vanish…and your life is like that old science fiction movie… I love films that probe alienation and disillusionment of people in their twenties; probably because it’s easier to relate to or […] Just as the film was about to start, Ethan Hawke came on stage to introduce it. The film is based on the novel of the same name he wrote a few years back. “When you’re young everyone keeps telling you to follow your dreams but when you’ve grown up, they get all offended if […]

Ever since I got here, the MIFF 2007 is something I’d been eagerly awaiting and it’s finally here. Owing to time (and financial) constraints, I was able to get passes to only two screenings; but I intend to go for a couple more later on. Anyway the films I have passes to are: 1. The […]