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Having watched quite a few Kiarostami films, I ended up going for  Correspondences. It’s one of those exhibitions wherein audio-visual elements take center stage as museum installations; an experience that sometimes turns out to be grating and very very confusing (case in point being ‘replay christian marclay‘ a couple of months back). However, Correspondences was […]

MIFF 2008


It’s that time of the year again. The Melbourne International Film Festival is back with a lot less fanfare than last year and unlike last year (when I was broke busy), I plan on catching more films. Two films I’m really looking forward to are the indie sensation ‘In Search of a Midnight Kiss‘ and […]

Paranoid as I am, the first few thoughts that rushed through my head after seeing the cordoned off street opposite to the apartment complex I stay in were terrorists, dirty bombs and Britney Spears. Flinders St is actually being used as a filming backdrop for the upcoming Steven Spielberg/Tom Hanks produced WW II mini series, […]



  New Years back at home/college were usually heralded with drunken musings or solemn reminiscing. This is probably the first time I’ve been part of such a loud and bombastic New Year Celebration. Tens of thousands of convulsing human bodies reeking of alcohol counting down to another year…things don’t get any better do they? Have […]

Since hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, I’ve decided to take the safe route and respond to Ruhi’s tag. This was harder than I thought it would be; so here are 8 random facts about The Prestidigitator. 1. He switches off his laptop once in two weeks for about an hour; he goes […]

The Mist


One of the perks of having your office on the 41st floor is the view. Not.

Melbourne like any other place has it’s fair share of weirdos; you have your garden variety mutterers, road side evangelists, doomsday mongers, middle aged Goth fans and drunken hobos. No matter how nonchalant you are to your surroundings, you still end up staring at the half naked, hairy, old man dressed in nothing but knickers […]