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Maybe it’s up to me Perhaps I’m the one to decide Should I mold you from my squalid imagination Or will entropy finally deliver Am I to leave you to invisible machinations While cheerful nihilists are betrothed To despondent brides-to-be And when the deluded throng the arena To applaud the stoning of the heathen Am […]

I occasionally have fantasies of Julie Delpy involving sticky summer afternoons, Sartre’s writings, 400 Blows, apple juice and berets. Don’t ask. Face it, the woman is brilliant and beautiful; brilliant enough to be associated with the likes of Kieslowski and Linklater and beautiful enough to make any man weak in the knees. So there – […] Ten minutes into the film and you’re certain you’ve chanced upon something rare; a film that is truly an auteur’s labor of love. The Fall is not so much about imagination as it is about childhood innocence. In a hospital in early 20th century Los Angeles, Roy Parker (Lee Pace), a depressed and suicidal […]

Happy Hours


You spend enough time with people and you realize that it’s always tempting to reduce them to cultural stereotypes; the proverbial clown car so to speak.  It would have been depressing if it weren’t so much fun. So yes, I spend happy hours after work with this rather colorful group – a group I’ve grown […]

Tag. Book Tag.


Since this tag requires minimal intellectual/physical exertion and because the tagger Rads is one of those truly incredible people, this tagee shall oblige. Pick up the nearest book. Open to page 123. Find the fifth sentence. Post the next three sentences. Tag five people, and acknowledge the person who tagged you Page 123 of Atomised […]

Tarkovsky’s 1971 original was a film I first watched during my school days; needless to say, I brushed it aside as pretentious drivel along with Kubrick’s 2001: ASO. A revisitng of the film during college proved futile too. I could never appreciate Tarkovsky’s long and rather plain visuals. The recent passing of Arthur C Clarke drove me […]



Over the last few years, churches have become something of a curiosity to me: places where you go to see other people wallow in their guilt and delusions. It’s especially weird considering I used to be an altar boy. Not the abused kind. Realizing that the last time I visited a church was over a […]