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Seen near Southbank, Melbourne. Advertisements

The Mist


One of the perks of having your office on the 41st floor is the view. Not.

If you’ve been following the news lately, you’re probably aware of the uproar over the Sethusamudram Project and the subsequent fallout. For the uninitiated, the project aims to create a shipping canal between India and Srilanka through the island chain called Rama’s Bridge (Adam’s Bridge to the angrezis). Dig canal-connect countries. Fairly simple isn’t it? […]

After years (!) of careful thinking and research (and mind numbing monotony), the list of probable candidates for  the honor of being The Prestidigitator’s Idea of the Perfect Woman has come down to three beautiful and not to mention intelligent individuals…er…women. 1. Cate Blanchett:  She blew my mind away with her performances in Elizabeth and […]

I recently found out that there’s a cinema in Melbourne (Cinema Nova) that plays offbeat films; so I decided to catch the french flick Paris, je t’aime which I’d been dying to see ever since I heard about it. Also, the lovely Ms Portman has a part in it. Now, friends and family will vouch […]


There hasn’t really been a great Batman comic since 2005’s Hush which was mainly thanks to Jim Lee‘s amazing artwork and there hasn’t been a powerful Batman story teller like Frank Miller (The Dark Knight Returns remains one of the best Batman books ever; say what you want).   What happens when you team up […]