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“Remember that time the car totaled and you couldn’t stop laughing? You made smiley faces with the blood off your arm!” “Yeah, I was probably just too high…and mighty. And you were all stoic and ranted on about meaning and reason and weirdly enough, Leibiniz.” “Heh. Still love your conjunctions I see. Remember what happened after […]

On Volatility


“Volatility frequently occurs when everyone suddenly realizes that the stock market’s just a consensual mass delusion based on fictitious valuing of abstract assets. It’s like finding out Santa Claus is real because you catch him robbing your house.” – Wyatt Cenac on The Daily Show



“The land of Mahatma Gandhi has been bloodied by terrorists whom we shall not spare; Terrorists are waging a war against India. We should be prepared for a long battle against terrorism.” – Narendra Modi in response to the recent Bangalore and Ahmedabad blasts

“I’ve had a total recalibration of my mind, you know. I mean, it’s like, I’ve been banging my head against this 19th century type, um, what? Thought mode? Construct? Human construct? Well, the wall doesn’t exist. It’s not there, you know. I mean, they tell you, look for the light at the end of the […]


Isn’t that what being young is about, believing secretly that you would be the one person in the history of man that would live forever?–Vanilla Sky


  Radio Host: What’s your latest obsession? Hank: Just the fact that people seem to be getting dumber and dumber. You know, I mean we have all this amazing technology and yet computers have turned into basically four figure wank machines. The internet was supposed to set us free, democratize us, but all it’s really […]

People are crazy and times are strange I’m locked in tight, I’m out of range I used to care, but things have changed                   -Things Have Changed, Bob Dylan