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Like most people, I thoroughly enjoyed Jon Stewart‘s drawing and quartering of Jim Cramer on The Daily Show last week. It tells you something about the cultural zeitgeist when a television comedian is the one who ends up taking the mantle of journalism. The episode, despite being immensely uncomfortable to watch, was catharsis in many […]

Once in a while, you read a book that is an entirely intimate and personal experience. It’s extremely gratifying but unnerving to read about a protagonist who shares your traits, quirks and personal philosophy. This was one such book for me. This Book Will Save Your Life is a satire of affluence and it’s pitfalls. […]


  Radio Host: What’s your latest obsession? Hank: Just the fact that people seem to be getting dumber and dumber. You know, I mean we have all this amazing technology and yet computers have turned into basically four figure wank machines. The internet was supposed to set us free, democratize us, but all it’s really […] Sith Lord, Emperor Palpatine…er…Pope Benedict XVI has ‘corrected‘ erroneous interpretations of the 1960s reforming Vatican Council. As of now Protestant churches are not really churches and the Orthodox churches are ‘wounded churches’. But he does admit there are elements of truth in the aforementioned churches. The humility! The new document, issued by the Doctrine […]

This piece of news is perhaps the best I’ve heard in a while; mostly because it’s justĀ plain hilarious. Ellsworth Bunker, an American diplomat has revealed that the CIA financed Congress led agitations against the Communist government when EMS came into power back in 1957 in Kerala. That’s right. The CIA actually thought the Kerala […]

Ranga Shankara (JP Nagar, Bangalore) was host to the play, Butter and Mashed Banana. Directed by Ajay Krishnan, this was an amazingly humorous yet profound look at our system of censorship. It’s a three act play wherein the first act details the illegitimate birth of the protagonist (conceived on a night of ill advised but […]

What exactly are these so called ‘Moral Values’ that so many self righteous pretentious hypocrites of our country keep touting? Really? This is a long due post. It will notĀ  arrive at any conclusions and it will not do anything about the ‘situation at hand’. Like most passive youngsters (!), I cannot do anything about […]